Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Can't I do "A", "B", or "C"?
There are a couple of possible reasons. Firstly, this site is in beta, so not all features are implemented. Secondly, some features are not available to guests (i.e., visitors who haven't registered a username). This is primarily to monitor activity such as album submission and prevent abuse.
2. How do I insert or delete tracks in a tracklist?
Currently, there isn't a way to do this, so the easiest way is to submit a new (fully correct) tracklist, and then edit the title of the old one to "Delete", so that a staff member can remove it.
3. Where can I download the albums?
VGMdb is an informational site, and as such we do not have music in any downloadable form, nor will we link to any. The only exception to this rule is for albums that are free as determined by the original copyright holder and externally hosted (e.g., Rareware's official bonus track releases, or OCRemix's compilation albums.)
4. I never received a confirmation email to activate my account. What should I do?
Please send a private message to Secret Squirrel or Gigablah. Don't forget to include the name of your account.
5. What's that in your logo?
It's a Simplified Chinese ideogram conveying "pleasure" and "enjoyment". Pairing it with the character for "sound" produces "music". Pairing it with the character for "garden" produces "paradise". Naturally, pairing it with "VGM" is a bit redundant, but still ;)