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Spider The Video Game OST - Remastered

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Feb 14, 2024
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 10.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack, Remaster
PublisherBarry Leitch / /
Exclusive RetailerBandcamp / /


Composer / Barry Leitch


Disc 1

01 Title Theme 1:00
02 Laboratory Floor 3:46
03 Laboratory Ceiling 3:37
04 Lab Boss 1:29
05 Factory Level 1 3:33
06 Factory Level 2 4:05
07 Factory End Of Level Monster 3:36
08 Level 1 Outside The Nitghtclub 4:14
09 Street Level 2 Outside 3:32
10 Egyptian Level 5:03
11 Museum Dinosaur Level 4:54
12 Museum Boss 2:36
13 Sewers Level 1 3:39
14 Sewers Level 2 3:32
15 The Final Brain Boss 2:11
16 Bonus Level 70's Room 2:19
17 Map Screen 0:17
18 Intro Movie Soundtrack with FX 2:43
19 Credits Music 0:51
20 70's Room Remix. 3:22
21 Outro Music
Disc length 60:19



Written in 1996, over the course of pretty much the whole year. A young 26 year old me, with very little experience of creating CD audio tracks embarked on what I wanted to be my best work to date. Of course, I had absolutely zero knowledge of mixing and mastering properly, and had simply blown the audio budget on as many synths as I could buy. (besides, at the time there wasn't any readily available courses you could take that would reference the latest in digital audio production). So like the Spider in the game, I was armed and dangerous. Like the Kill Team Soundtrack, the games mixes suffered from absolutely masses of bass as my studio monitors Tannoy 6.5's) had absolutely incredible bass reproduction, and I took full advantage of that! Of course, nobody else had a pair and all the music sounded overly bassy! I've taken the time to go back and remaster these as well as I can from the only surviving source media I have. For reference the synths used were Kurzweil K2500RS, Korg Trinity Pro, 2 Roland JV-1080's complete with as many expansion cards as I could fit in them. Some Digitech FX unit. and every guitarist I could sweet talk into coming in to lay down live guitar. These include Keith Sawka, Rob Povey's Guitar teacher, Luke Anderson, and someone else whose name I've long forgotten.. The bonus track is a remix of the 70's room bonus level.

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